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We Got This Trucking LLC. was created by JTAC Services Inc. who created Freight Girlz a recognized leader in OTR trucking dispatch services across all 48 states. 

Our Vision.


We are passionate about trucking but more importantly safety. Our parent company JTAC Services Inc. is an aviation consulting firm which manages helicopters onboard super yachts and expedition ships worldwide. Developing standard operating procedures based on aviation regulations from numerous governing bodies. 

Utilizing these same high standards in trucking we have raised the bar in safety ultimately reducing the potential for errors and accidents. 

Our drivers must follow strict policies and procedures if they choose to run under our DOT Authority. 

Freight Girlz Trucking
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Company Profile.


We are certain you will love running under We Got This Trucking LLC knowing management will have your back on safety. What's even better you will actually make real money again while being dispatched by Freight Girlz.

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