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The stock market on wheels!
The Art

We have mastered the art for investors both foreign and national to seize the opportunity in profiting from the supply chain.


This is one of the most secure forms of investment due to the fact the supply chain does not stop. Even at the height of COVID our trucks continued to operate.

Our background came from aviation management of multi-million dollar helicopters aboard some of the most expensive super yachts and commercial expedition ships in the World.

Proprietary TMS software with Investor facing dashboards
  • Track your loads and profits

  • Complete up to date expenses with receipt attachments

  • Driver cash advance records

  • Entire transaction history and reports

  • Driver settlements

FireShot Capture 273 - FREIGHT GIRLZ -
FireShot Capture 268 - FREIGHT GIRLZ -

Live Stats


Chainalytics 101

Invest Smart - Invest in Trucking
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